October 30, 2006

hectic... but good

Yesterday we celebrated Paige's birthday. She's 5 now! Big girl! It's been a shift having both Paige and Matt in school. A good one. New friends, new schedules, they're both adjusting well. Paige in kindergarten and Matt in preschool. They're growing up so fast. Last week, Brooke and I took her to Disneyland for her birthday. My cousin got us in for free. That was awesome. It's fun as a kid, but even better to watch your kid experience it for the first time.

This weekend, Brooke and I lead a workshop at the Revolution conference in Seattle. It's gonna be fun to partner in this. And we get to go just the two of us. Which is really cool of my parents to take them so we could have some time alone... Lots of great people to catch up with when we get there.


Between now and Thursday I have to finish building a new staircase to our loft (our housemates have been gone two weeks, perfect time to do this, but parts are running late on shipment... damn!)-I'm half way there, tomorrow is Halloween, I have to write a paper for school, Brooke and I need to polish up our workshop notes and we're really tight w/ making our bills this month too... So, if you think of it, please pray for us, that we survive the next few days, get done what we need to and can relax and have fun in Seattle.

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