October 13, 2006

what christians and street artists [should] have in common...

This morning I checked out a website that I visit pretty frequently, Wooster Collective and it got me thinking about what followers of Jesus and street artists [should] have in common...

... announce another way to look at the world around you

... allegiance to an alternative authority

... willingness to be subversive (civil disobedience?) in order to fulfill what you believe is right

When the family and I returned from our trip to NYC early this year we would often sit down with our photos from the trip and share our experiences in the city with friends. While looking through our photos, a friend asked me, "Why do you like graffiti so much?" At least a quarter of the photos we took were of street art we saw displayed throughout the Big Apple. My wife and I are both fascinated with street art. The reasons for why I'm so intrigued with this art form go beyond the current popularity of street art in major advertising campaigns. I love street art because of it's beauty. In it's infancy, the graffiti art that found it's way onto buildings and subways in New York City, and other major urban cities throughout the U.S. (primarily the East and West Coasts), was birthed from the same culture that brought about underground hip-hop and punk rock. Within all three of these-street art, underground hip-hop and early punk rock-there is a noticeable resistance to be defined by societal norms. Artists of this nature question the status quo, redefine what beauty and art is, they establish a presence (authority?) within our culture that is visible/invisible.

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