October 10, 2006

will evangelicals help save the earth?

"... Other evangelicals are less political, but at least as subversive. A former emergency room doctor named Matthew Sleeth, for instance, quit his job to preach the green gospel and says the reaction has been far greater than he could have guessed. His book Serve God, Save the Planet was published this past spring, and he has been traveling to churches ever since. Everywhere his message is the same: God asks us to surrender some of our earth-wrecking wealth. 'Bible-believing Christians have confused the kingdom of heaven with capitalism and consumerism,' Sleeth says. He's not attracted to electoral politics. Instead he's been downsizing his life -- putting up the clothesline, selling his stuff, buying a Prius. (He writes his books on a lifetime supply of old computer paper he rescued from a Dumpster.) The ecological battles ahead of us compare to the greatest battles in American history, he says, and his models include people like the abolitionist John Brown, who practiced exactly what he preached, sharing his farm with freed slaves. 'There's a longing for a spiritual life in this country,' he says, over and over. 'A great hunger for something more than capitalism.'"

Check out the rest of the article by Bill McKibben here. And here's an article by Sleeth.

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