January 9, 2007

Against Organic

"So why am I hesitant to go from agreeing intellectually to changing the way our house eats practically? It has something to do with the crowd that shops in places where healthier fare is on offer. The health food store is just out of the question: even if I could stand the country club liberals munching on sushi and foie gras (even if it weren't banned in Chicago) the cash register makes it impossible. The local farmer's market is better: farmers selling their own produce is hard to beat. It's just that everyone there is so proud of being there???so superior to Wal-Mart, so much better than the store, so local and healthy, only a pinch more money and you're saving the world. It's the earnestness, the zeal, the moral rectitude that can feel insufferable. I prefer the workaday lot at the local bargain store, shoppers who're just trying to stretch a dime to the company of those convinced of their own righteousness???all the while sipping Starbucks." >>more

Point taken.

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