January 26, 2007

thank you

I appreciate all the kind words in comments, phone calls and e-mails. I told a friend that called yesterday, "I am down, but more than that I think I'm just being more honest with myself about the situation than I have in the last three years."

A bunch of folks came over for dinner last night. A friend of ours is doing a 4-week workshop at our house. While washing dishes afterwards around 10:30pm the subject came up amongst those of us that were still lingering around after the workshop. "But so many good things are happening too, right?" a friend said. I put down the dish, looked at her and said, "True, but look at this room, there's four of us here and three are leaving within 6-months." That happens everyday in San Diego. I'm just tired of it.

I'm not trying to be depressing just casting out false hopes. Being honest about this
is actually allowing Brooke and I to think about this a little more creatively... which is good.


Robb and Cara Lane said...

Hey J Evans,
It has been too long since we last connected. Cara and I think about you and Brooke and your growing family often. How will I ever forget working together at that "place." I stumbled into your blog recently and came upon your recent thoughts. When I saw what you wrote, I thought you must be reading my mail. I completely know what you are going through, the emotions you share and the frustration of it all. Cara and I are still living in the struggle that you honestly speak about. I really don't mean to be cheesy but be encouraged. Don't trust the lie that "you are complaining." Trust the fact that God is not distant nor has he turned a deaf ear to your struggle. Trust that God is showing you and Brooke to appreciate the small stuff (life itself) so that you will remain humble when blessing comes upon you more than you can ever imagine. And trust that He is/ has been answering your prayers. Peace and grace.

Robb and Cara Lane said...

Me again. I wanted to say one more thing. Trust the fact that it is perfectly okay to not have all the answers. It is not our place to have one incling of an answer. And trust that the best place to be is having no earlthly clue if you are going to make it. Contrary to popular belief, this is actually a very safe place to be. Peace.

dearjeremiah said...

HI Jason and Brooke-

Just wanted you to know I am thinking about you as you try to make sense of this phase.

Back in Job's day friends would show their support by just coming and sitting several days, not even saying a word. I believe it was called "shiva." I don't have anything eloquent or insightful to say to you during this period and I can't make it out to the SD right now, but know that I am sitting shiva with you back here in the Nati.

Oh by the way, we finally got a copy of Pancake Mountain and the girls are loving it! They think Captain Perfect is hilarious. Thanks for the tip!

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