April 22, 2007

big easy to big empty

Yesterday, I woke up at 3am, finished two papers and drove up to Pasadena to finish my last session for the class I've been taking on the Kingdom of God with the School for Urban Ministry. A large portion of our class was devoted to discussing Walter Wink's perspective on powers. We watched this Greg Palast documentary, Big Easy to Big Empty, as part of the class. I highly recommend you watch it. And contribute what you can to the CommonGround Collective in New Orleans-a group highlighted in the documentary. We discussed how Malik Rahim and the collective embodied an alternative way against the powers which could be viewed as a kingdom way.

I've now finished all of the SUM courses that they have available. It feels good to have completed this-it's been stretched over a three year period-but it's given me a real appetite for learning. Been looking into other options that might be available for me. I seriously don't understand why Jeff Wright isn't teaching at a major seminary. I've learned so much from him as well as the other teachers with SUM.

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