April 2, 2007

dusting off the ol' blog

Yep, it's been awhile. As I almost always say when I need an excuse, 'Lots has been goin' on.' I've been on an truly incredible inner journey over the last couple of months... I think I'll come back to that later, let's just say it's been rough but good. On another note, we went out to Ohio several weeks back for the Feast of St. Patrick's. Really rich time for all of us, the whole family. The kids were loved by older kids and so much Jesus-ness was demonstrated to them by kids under 18 years of age... I don't need to tell you what that automatically says of their parents.

But speaking of their parents... those folks are my personal Justice League. My son loves the Justice League. All of the most amazing super heroes are right there, in one room, working for the good of the world together. Could it get any better? In his mind, no way, not unless some of the Marvel characters joined the party. About once a year I get to hang out with my personal Justice League: all my heroes in one room. Even when we're surrounded by defeat, tragedy they save my sorry ass every time. I love them for it.

An added benefit to the trip was Matt Casper was able to come out for the weekend as well. Matt and I got to have a dialogue in one of the main sessions, talk about his book and field some questions. If you weren't there you can listen to it here. It was fun. Brooke and I also did a workshop on sustainability and the Kingdom of God and I think that was productive (if you were there, I'd appreciate any feedback).

Speaking of Matt, dude's getting all kinds of press these days. His book is now out and you need to read this. I know he's a friend, so I'm biased but I really think Matt is a great writer and you'll get a lot out of it. A website for the book should be up soon. His band, Hell Yeah, just got a review in City Beat. You can check out the piece here. This is a photo from the last show I played with him.

Another friend of ours is getting press too! Brooke and I were flipping through the magazine GOOD and saw this ad with our friend Sebastian, creator of Califas Journal and a great film maker in it. Pick up the issue, visit CalJo's site too... there's also a short piece on the creators of Wooster Collective-which is a fabulous website.

One last thing, if you're from the Anabaptist world, you might find this interesting. I'm speaking at the Mennonite Church USA biennial convention in San Jose this summer. I'll be speaking to the Urban Leaders Network (or something like that) meeting at a pre-convention event as well. I think the best place to find info is here. Let me know if you'll be there and maybe we can grab coffee. The added benefit for me is that the family is coming along and we'll be hanging out with the Sharps and Joel and Katie after the event... Can't wait. Alright, that'll have to be it for now.


Anonymous said...

I'm one of those "Anabaptists" who began my spiritual journey in the Southern Baptist Convention. Yep, I'm a recovering SOB who has ended up in the Mennonite Church.

I'd love to have a cup of coffee and talk with you while you are in San Jose,CA for the Urban Leaders Network meeting. Until then....Dick Davis

Jason Evans said...

Thanks for getting in touch Mr. Davis. Let's do that. Looking forward to it.

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