April 12, 2007

sunil at cornerstone

My friend, Sunil Sardar will be speaking at the Cornerstone Festival this summer. Here's some info on what he'll be speaking about:

PostColonial Missions in India: Preaching an Un-"Christian" Christ:
Fed up with the ancient oppressions built into their Hindu faith, millions of lower-caste Indian Dalits — known as "Untouchables" — are actively looking for a new faith, one that can give them dignity and sense of value regardless of their social class — and offer the hope of overcoming a system that locks people into their classes forever. Christianity is certainly a very real option for many Dalits today, but the name "Christian" carries with it from West to East certain negative conotations and its own history of oppression. Sunil Sardar, the founder of Truth Seekers International, is an Indian Christian who has been working creatively within this difficult environment for many years. Part of his task involves separating the true Gospel of Jesus from the seemingly monolithic cultural and historical face "Christianity" presents to his people. Another part of the task has to do with communicating the Gospel from within the authentic cultural context of his people. Based on his experiences, Sunil has much to say about what it means to "contextualize" the Gospel within a given culture in a way that does equal justice to the message and the cultural context.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason - good to see you at the St. Patrick Feast. Are you planning on coming to C-Stone? Blessings, Jim

Jason Evans said...

Jim - likewise! It was great to have a face with a name. No, I don't think I'll be there although I wish I could. It's been years since I've been there. It was a blast! Although, stinky and sticky!


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