April 6, 2007

this one's for the kids

It can be hard to find good children's books. There's so much commercial savvy crap on the shelves that have no intention but to get your kids to watch a certain cartoon or buy junk. I get really excited when we find something good. So, I thought I'd share a new find of ours. The kids and I have been reading Jon J. Muth books lately and I think I'm enjoying it as much as they are. Muth is a comic/graphic novel and children's book illustrator as well as a children's book author. We have been reading and re-reading The Three Questions (based on Tolstoy's work) and Zen Shorts (inspired by Buddhist teachings). Muth illustrated and wrote both of these. It has sparked some wonderful questions out of the kids and great conversations. Here's a good interview with Muth if you're unfamiliar with him. If you're a parent, I highly suggest these books.

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Chris said...

Thanks for the tip... as a parent of kids of similar ages, I certainly will check them out!

chris smith

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