May 13, 2007

From Geoff:

I ran across this article from Allelon which highlighted tension points as the church attempts to engage and relate to Western culture today. The article was prompted by recent work/statistics from the Barna Group as well as observations from a book entitled, “Jim and Casper Go to Church.” (the observations of and conversations with Matt Casper the friendly atheist as they visit churches across the U.S.)

What are the challenges facing the church in our culture? The article lists:

  1. The relative indifference of most churched Christians to unchurched people.
  2. An emphasis on the personal rather than communal faith journey.
  3. A tendency to perform rituals and exercise talents rather than an invitation to and experience of the presence of God.
  4. The absence of a compelling enough call to action.
  5. The failure to listen to dissident voices.

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Rachel said...

Hi, Geoff! Thanks for mentioning "Jim & Casper Go to Church"! I'm a volunteer with Jim's organization Off the Map and I wanted to let you know about our Live event coming up this November in Seattle. Both Jim and Matt Casper will be speaking at this event. Here is the link if you want to find out more:

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