May 1, 2007


Been meeting in the backroom
Been gathering in the parking lot
Been talking in the breakroom
of what we are doing with what we've got

Been meeting on the front lawn
Been gathering in the parking lot
Been talking in the break room
of labor and unrest and eyeing the clock
Are you ok with what you've got?

We're throwing down our push brooms
We're hanging up our apron ties
We're coming from the back roads
Out of the fields and the factory lines

Tell your brother and your sister
Tell your auntie and your uncle too
Tell your mother and your father
your friends and your cousins and we need you
We've walked so far
but we can walk all night

We're marching from the shipyards
We're marching from the hospitals
We'll take it to the town hall
We'll take it to the capitol

"Parade" by Pretty Girls Make Graves from Elan Vital

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Emily said...

they're playing at the casbah soon. i forget when, but i think mogan got tickets. i can't wait.

i hope you are well (your family too). i mean it. i've been thinking about you all a lot. i hope i can see you guys before i move.

heather h. is driving cross country with me. it should be blast. i don't think she's ever driven cross country.

take care.

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