June 3, 2007


I sent this e-mail out today...
I'm inviting you to participate with me in becoming a part of a grassroots, international movement of people standing in solidarity with the untouchable castes of India. Together, we want to say to the powers that be in India, Stop Caste Now!

How can you do this?

Socio-spiritual activist from India, Sunil Sardar, is in the States currently promoting his work. Sunil is part of a social-spiritual movement in India that hopes to see the caste system overthrown in our
lifetime, freeing millions of people from mental, if not physical bondage.

While Sunil is in the States, he has a pretty flexible schedule. My friend, Jim Henderson and I are assisting him in scheduling speaking events. We have found that one of the easiest ways to raise support for Sunil, both relationally and financially, are what we are calling THE STOP-CASTE-NOW BBQ.

Here's how it works:
- Invite as many of your friends as possible that will fit into your back yard.
- Ask everyone to bring $20 and something to grill
- Provide drinks and side dishes
- After everyone has arrived and started eating, introduce Sunil
- Allow Sunil to talk about his work (aprox. 30 min.)
- Additional DVD's and material can be provided upon request

Pretty easy, huh!? And if we cannot make arrangement to have Sunil at your place for THE STOP-CASTE-NOW BBQ at your place, we can at least provide you printed materials and videos to give to your friends to discuss.

Sunil is also available to speak at churches this summer. If you would like to have Sunil speak at your church this summer please contact me at the information below to discuss the honorarium and logistics.

Below are some links to more information about Sunil and Truth Seekers International, the organization he co-founded. Also, I've included some general dates of travel to assist in your planning for Sunil's visit. I look forward to hearing back from you. Please forward this on to anyone.

Jason Evans
The Ecclesia Collective and STOP CASTE NOW

Truth Seekers Online
Sunil speaking at Cornerstone Fest this year
Video of Sunil's Work

6/3-6/5/2007: Long Beach, CA
6/6-6/13/2007: Palm Springs, CA
6/13-6/26/2007: Indianapolis, IN
6/26-6/30/2007: Cornerstone Festival (Chicago, IL)
7/1-7/5/2007: Indianapolis, IN (possible in Atlanta, GA for a couple days)
7/5-7/31/2007: West Coast (Seattle, WA)

A PERSONAL NOTE... Friends, most of you know the journey Brooke and I have been on over the last seven years. To be honest, we would not have been able to participate in the Kingdom activity we have if not for the lessons we have learned from Sunil and his wife, Pam. These people are real life radicals and just amazing people. If you can help us raise relational and financial support for Sunil in any way, please let me know. On top of his political activism, he has worked with Tom Wolfe in New Delhi in training missional leaders and before that has assisted in starting hundreds of house churches throughout India... Have you heard me use the phrases 'contextualizing the Gospel" of "redemptive potential"? I got those concepts/principles from Sunil.

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