June 24, 2007

the story of thoth (pt. 1)

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to bid on some small construction projects on my own before I started with Paradigm. The only problem was, I needed help and fast. I called a pastor friend of mine and asked him to let me know if anyone from his congregation was looking for work. He called me one Sunday afternoon and said he had a young man that needed work. He put me on the phone with him:

Me: "Hey, man. What's your name?"
Thoth: "Hey. It's Thoth."
Me: "... I'm sorry what was that?"
Thoth: "It's Thoth. Like Tote Bag."
Me: "Oh. Cool. Well, Tote, are you able to start work tomorrow?"
Thoth: "Yeah."
Me: "I don't need someone afraid of hard work. You cool with that?"
Thoth: "Yeah. I did some stuff while inside."
Me: "You mean, construction related?"
Thoth: "Yeah."
Me: "When'd you get out?"
Thoth: "Last week."
Me: "Okay, gimme your address. I'll pick you up at 6 a.m."

After we worked out the details, Thoth and I hung up. I was relieved to have some help on my new project. The pastor friend called me back a few minutes later. He wanted to know if I was cool working with an ex-felon. "Felon?!" I said. Yes, Thoth Son was a convicted felon. A young man of Cambodian decent, he used to run with an infamous, east side gang, OBS (Oriental Boys Society).

I met Thoth for the first time the next morning. Over the last three years, he has become a highly trusted friend of mine. I would trust him with the lives of my wife and two children. He gave my son his first Bible, which Matt treasures. Because of his felony and, as an immigrant, subsequent loss of green card due to his crime he was detained recently for deportation.

What happened after that was amazing. By the ceaseless prayer and activism of those who love Thoth and his brother Ricky they were released on Friday. We are thanking God today even though we know the inevitable may be closer than we had hoped. I want to write more on this soon but, for now, please go read yesterday's article on Thoth and his family in the Union Tribune.

If you know Thoth please continue to call and write in to the newspaper asking them to cover their story. The awareness may slow down the process giving more time to the family to make necessary arrangements.

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