July 15, 2007

Below is a poem by my new fried, Regina Shands Stoltzfus. Regina led parts of the Urban Leaders Network meeting I was a part of earlier this month. You can read this article to find out more about her. She also is co-author of the book, Set Free: A Journey Towards Solidarity Against Racism. Here is her poem, Called To Journey:
We are people on a journey. Our individual faith stories reflect our individual journeys.

Our individual journey stories are rooted in the communities that have nurtured us and raised us up – communities that found us, or communities that we have found and even created.

Our faith journeys not limited to time and space – we worship a God beyond time and space.

Therefore we are joined with the ancient church, with the ancestors. With those who stepped out on faith journeys to places unknown:

“Leave your country and your family and go to a place that I will show you.”

With the ones who answered the voice that queried “Whom shall I send and who will go for us?” with a resounding, or maybe a timid, “Here I am, send me.”

We join with the one who said, upon a strange visit by the angel Gabriel: “I am the Lord’s servant – may it be as you have said.”

We are joined with the ones who put down their fishing nets, who laid aside for a moment their purple clothes, who put off the cooking and cleaning to sit at his feet and learn to become fishers of people.

We are joined with the ones who sat, afraid, in the locked room – wondering what would happen next, and what is to become of us now.

And we join with the one who went running back, saying “I have seen the Lord!”

We are called.

We join a mighty host of those before us who have been called

And those who come after us who will be called.

Come, let us walk together.

I hope we hear more from Regina.

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