July 7, 2007

heading home...

So, we head back home later today (it's about midnight right now). We've had a great time. Tonight, we had dinner with the Ryan, Holly, Lisa, Katie, Joel, Eliot and baby Pax. It's always good to be with people you can just pick up where you left off. We got to visit the Edible Schoolyard in Berkley today, which was awesome. Brooke is really inspired to possibly implement somethings back home. We discovered Golden Gate Park for the first time, visited Amoeba Records-which is so awesome it's overwhelming and some great coffee shops up here which is always a good thing when everyone's sleep schedules are messed up.

Saturday night we pick up Sunil in Long Beach. He'll be speaking in San Diego on Sunday a.m. at Mission Gathering and Sunday night at our place. Please come out and support Stop Caste Now.

Feels like there is so much more to be said but I'm quite tired. Here's a few links from coverage of the talk I gave to the Mennonite Youth Convention on Wednesday a.m. before we headed to San Francisco:
  • article-I guess it was a big deal that I used the word "crap". Oops.
  • video montage click on the July 6 video link (yeah... pretty cheeseball but Rudy and I made the clip though)
  • headset mic's are overrated... it felt so lame to be wearing that but the kids were a blast to be with


Mike Bishop said...

Geez Jason. You look ready for your own SoCal megachurch in that photo. They won't mind if you say crap once in a while either.

glenn said...

slick pic dood.....are you smacking yourself with you're right hand?

Anonymous said...

dude you're wearing my black shirt

Anonymous said...

My youth group was at the San Jose convention...at least one kid from my church is using you as a role model in his bid to get some ink.

Jason Evans said...

tell 'em that's not necessarily the best idea... i have some baaaaad tattoos.


Jason Evans said...

just trying to be like you guys, mike and glenn

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