July 2, 2007

road trip

The Evans' clan has been on a summer road trip since Friday. We spent the night in Bakersfield and drove into San Jose for the Mennonite Church USA Convention on Saturday. We're staying here through Wednesday a.m. and then we head up to San Francisco.

We weren't too excited about staying in Bakersfield but it was a good halfway point and by the time we got into town we were glad to stop at 3am. We lucked out on Saturday morning finding a cool, local diner for breakfast (see Paige's self-potrait drawn at breakfast). And an independent and organic coffee shop on the way out of town.

I spoke on Sunday evening at the Urban Leaders Network event and then today I led a panel discussion today and spoke on another panel about new models of church. Thanks to all who helped put that together. A highlight was meeting Nekiesha Alexis-Baker one of the minds behind JesusRadicals.com. Also, met a bunch of other great folks doing great stuff in urban settings. Got to talk with Tim, one of the developers behind the Anabaptist Network and Young Anabaptist Radicals which was cool too. He spent sometime in the UK with Stuart Murray.

Overall, the conference has been fun. Hanging out with the family has been a blast. Speaking kinda wears me out so we got lunch at a great vegan deli, Good Karma, ran through the park and have been chillin' in the hotel room ever since. My talk last night got mixed reactions. The benefit of me being an outsider with this group (we're Anabaptist out of conviction, not heritage or need for ecclesiastic resources or politics) is that I could say things that others would get in trouble for. They can't really do anything to me, except tell Fuller not to let me in. But the PSWMC has got my back I'm pretty sure.

When I give talks, I usually don't script out the whole thing. But I'll post my notes later on for those who might be interested. Right now, my daughter wants to play.

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