August 19, 2007

the great giveaway

I'm currently working my way through The Great Giveaway by David Fitch. If you have evangelical Christian roots, this book is worth reading. As I work my way into my 30's I find myself much more reflective of my spiritual roots and considering what specific things within my past have formed who I am today. Since I come from a very long line of sincere evangelicals (Pentecostals, traveling, tent revival preachers, and avid supporters of Jim and Tammy Faye before their demise-to give you just an idea) I am finding this book helpful in swimming through some issues that, for me, are often times less intelligent or articulate and more intuitive or emotionally responsive. I have seen how easy it is for those of us that have left behind Christendom modes of spirituality to spin towards untempered liberalism. I have also seen how great the divide can be between ourselves and our friends, family that remain staunchly orthodox. Viewing these experiences of indecision and division, through the eyes of others close to me as well as my own, I am at a place where I want to find what dialog can be created that will both anchor those of us that are searching for stable ground while also giving us a means to articulate some of our evolving convictions. This book just might be helpful in that regard.

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