August 12, 2007

health insurance alternatives

The night before last, Brooke and I sat down and went over our budget again. We've been doing this almost monthly now... what can we cut out? what can we be more thrifty with? what can we do with less of? ... and other such questions. Everybody here at the Hawthorn House is talking about what we can share, assist each other with and it's showing in our budget. The mortgage is much more manageable now. We're all going to split internet and netflix (yes, it's all about the queue)... So, we're headed in the right direction. But there is one thing that eats at me every time we look at our budget: health insurance.

Even with the assistance I get through my company, it is highway robbery.

I'm really wanting to find some alternatives to health insurance. If you're reading this and have some input please email me or leave a comment. I've heard of co-ops and other such alternatives but I'm pretty uneducated when it comes to this... Help a brother out!


Thomas Ham said...

My friend Kirk has an option. I'll email him and get the info. It's a type of co-op. I'll try to get the info and send it to you.


Anonymous said...

Try staying healthy.

Jason Evans said...

Thomas, thanks for the assistance. I look forward to getting the info.

Love, wow. That was deep. Thanks.

Thomas Ham said...

This is the email he replied to me with:


Christian Care Medi-share is who I am with.

Plan 250 Person pays the first $250 of per claim, medi share co-ops the rest to the membership up to $1M. You pay for general office visits and there is no dental. My cost because of age is $450 per month. His would be less as he is younger.

Plan 911 Person pays the first $911 and then has a 20% co-pay on the next up to $5K. After this, it takes over to $1M. Cost for me is $317 per month. His will be under $300

Pre-existing problems won't be covered.

Call Gordon Schumacher at 866-775-3005x2325 and have him give my name as a reference. (his name is Kirk Beck)


Jason Evans said...

Thomas and Chad... thanks for the tips. We'll let you know what we discover.

Eliacin said...


Chk out this site with examples on different kinds of coops - including health care.


Unknown said...

This caught my eye -

The other alternative might be to move to Canada where it is universal and free.

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