August 22, 2007


"The important thing to hold in mind is that all of our energies must not be consumed in merely getting through the day or the week. In the living of our lives from day to day we must be geared to goals or purposes that inform the character of all our activities. Our living must be structured by what it is that we are trying to achieve with our lives. Without seeming melodramatic, it is urgent to say that for many, the days which they are living now are all the days they will have. The only contribution that they will make to the total of man's living and striving is being made now. What will be the extent of a man's life he does not know - in what time or place he will come to an end is not given to him to know. The wise man, therefore, lives his life seriously each day but does not take it seriously."

- Howard Thurman in For The Inward Journey via Inward/Outward

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