October 23, 2007

dinner plans?

The Gonzales' and Evans' clan stopped by the Chicano Park donation
drop off today. There is currently about 20 volunteers working there
right now taking donations and then carting them to Qualcom and other
evacuation points. The Border Angels people are there too and getting
materials to displaced migrant workers as well. Most of the volunteers
are working this drop point from 8am to 8pm.

We have offered to feed the people working this drop point for dinner
tonight (and possibly tomorrow). We plan on being there at 5:30p to
set up. We need as much as we can get. We need people to cook, provide
plates, utensils and drinks, set up, serve the food and clean up. If
you want to help out. Please call our house number (619) 501-6849 or
email me at jasonevans AT gmail DOT com.


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