October 3, 2007

Not providing much blogging of worthwhile content lately. Life is busy: school, work, etc. But I will say this, what's going on in Burma right now is so important... and devastating... and inspiring all at the same time. If you are a parent, your kids are going to read about this someday in school and ask questions. Pray with us. Get involved in whatever way you can.

I've been asked in a couple emails what I thought about Mark Driscoll, etc. I don't care to be honest. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in the Kingdom to just stay away from the drama. Investing in such nonsense just proves you've got some little kingdom you're holding on to. Leave it alone people. He really isn't that important. Really. That's all I'm gonna say.

If you're in town this weekend, come hang out with us at the Hawthorn House and go by the walk-about and see Brooke's new goods on display at the ice cream shop (they've devoted a corner of the shop to displaying her goods and some other local crafty-types.

Listening to: Eddie Vedder - Society


Anonymous said...

agreed on the Mark thing. I wish people would realize of how little significance his stuff his.
But what I really want to know is how good you think the Into the Wild soundtrack and movie are.

Jason Evans said...

I have neither seen the movie or read the book but I'm diggin the soundtrack... I'm old enough to remember when pearl jam first came out... i used to drive around late at night listening to ten in my truck by myself... i'm sentimental about vedder's stuff... in short, love it! My housemates tell me the book is great!

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