December 30, 2007

2007 top ten

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As I looked through the top 10, 50, and more for 2007 that are being released I thought I would go ahead and offer my own top 10. I realized quickly that I'm still listening to a bunch of stuff released in 2006. How uncool of me!? I should have posted a 2006 top 10. I might do that just for kicks.

My list is based on rotation in my iPod and computer more than anything. Which is a pretty clear sign of what I've liked this year. I may have listed others for scene points but this is pretty straight from the hip. Here you go:

1) Radiohead: In Rainbows
What needs to be said? What band has pushed the creative boundaries and rules of the music industry the way Radiohead has? Potentially Fugazi, but their approach has been much quieter and quite a different path. This album combines the excellence of their sounds crafted on Hail To The Thief and Kid A. Incredible... as always.

2) Les Savvy Fav: Let's Stay Friends
Someone should tell the singer of LSF that he isn't sexy. That aside, these guys are amazing. The songs are diverse yet flow seamlessly from one song to another. It helps to not approach LSF with seriousness since they seem to not take themselves all that serious either. The approach seems, in this case, to assist in creating something great. That doesn't always happen.

3) The Cobalt Season: In Search For A Unified Theory
Am I biased? Yes. I love the people that make up this band. But I still think their sophomore release is great. The addition of Dan Dixon seemed to broadened the sound exploration on this release. Not as gritty and raw as "But I Tell You..." but I still feel as though Ryan writes lyrics that resonate so deeply with me that I can't help but feel this music.

4) Battles: Mirrored
An amazing album by former members of Helmet, Don Cabellero and others. A mix of psychedelic and math rock. Technical proficiency and vocal silliness but assaulted so well that you can't laugh at it. I want this to be higher on the list because of it's genius but it hasn't received enough play time yet.

5) Antelope: Reflector
Somewhat of the standard Dischord sound but still a solid release. But, hey, in my book it's a sound worth re-creating if done honestly. I plod along at work many a days with the steadiness of this record as my soundtrack.

6) Bright Eyes: Cassadaga
While I loved Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, I didn't find I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning all that convincing. Cassadaga achieves what Wide Awake attempted. In fact, Oberst seems to pull some chord progression directly off of Wide Awake... but he makes a better song the second time around. Simple, American and indie all at the same time.

7) Travis Morrison Hellfighters: All Y'all
From the vocalist of The Dismemberment Plan. All Y'all proves Travis Morrison to be the primary song writer of the DP. The sound is simply a progression of the now defunct band. Still a great release. Creative, spontaneous and uniquely Morrison.

8) Pinback: Autumn for the Seraphs
In line with most Pinback albums, although a bit more up-tempo than Summer in Abaddon. Each album documents this bands progression technically and in song writing skill. Plus, I had to list at least one San Diego band.

9) Eddie Vedder: Into The Wild
It's weird to hear folks talk about Vedder as some sort of classic rock artist. It makes me feel old. I remember when Ten came out. I've always been a Pearl Jam fan. The duet with Sleater-Kinney vocalist Corin Tucker on "Hard Sun" is what sold me on this release. Solid.

10) Tegan and Sara: The Con
I have to mention this one simply because it has been in such regular rotation in our home and car. My daughter is really taken by Tegan and Sara's music. Brooke likes them a lot as well. Good to sing a long with, their voices are cheery yet dark, the sound playful but mellow dramatic all at the same time.