December 6, 2007

bad blogger, no donut

You know, I've come to terms that a blog just goes through phases. It's just the way it is. Some of us bloggers are better at announcing the silent moments then others. I'm not one of those that makes good announcements I suppose. But you can almost always bet on a caption like this following a come back, "Life has been busy..."

Yeah, that's me. But I don't want to apologize or make excuses. It is what it is. I've been writing a lot. But mostly for a class at Fuller that is ALMOST done! Yeehaw! I've also been working on some articles again for some print stuff.

I've also, as you can see, overhauled the ol' blog. Just needed a change I guess. It was getting way too busy. One of personal uses of this site is kind of digital sticky notes page. I'm using the google shared items and links more and more... if you haven't noticed. So, I wanted those to be more prominent.

It has also become apparent to me that I connect with a bunch of folks through other ways. For example, there's the MySpace folks and the growing Facebook crowd. As well, a bunch of people use LinkedIn, especially folks I've worked with recently or long past. So, I wanted to make those connections easier to find. Hopefully, the tech world will continue to move towards making all of these things sync easier and easier.

Well, I'm out of words. See you a little more often... maybe.

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