December 12, 2007

how does the church counter culture?


One thing that seems to be the common thread between each industry and every workplace is BLAME. No one ever accepts responsibility for anything when things go wrong. It's always somebody else's fault. The term we use for this is "allocating responsibility." But really all it means is, "Who can we blame for this? 'Cause I'm certainly not gonna be the fall guy!"

As followers of Jesus, how do we counter this? We stand for justice rather than judgment. We refuse to point the finger. We accept fault when it is our own. We refuse to participate in the scapegoat mentality. We don't participate in the blame game.


Eric Lee said...

Indeed, we were blame-shifters from the beginning, no? Who told you to eat that? It was the woman! And who told you to eat that? It was the serpent!

You pointed to it, of course, but the first thing we need to do is to confess. If as Christians we are shaped such that we are a people who confess to one another... this would be a wonderful start indeed.

Jason Evans said...

Good point, Eric.

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