December 6, 2007

santa v. jesus

Rick Bennett shared a great story about his daughter and the myth of Santa. It brought to mind a story of my own daughter. We never talked about Santa with Paige. It just didn't occur to us. Santa never came up until Paige saw a huge blow up Santa in someone's yard a couple years ago and asked, "Hey, who's the big mouse-man with pajamas?"

So, we explained to her the myth of Santa. I agree with Rick, some old man in a red suit isn't getting the credit for the gifts we give to our kids. Paige has made it a point to tell everyone about the myth of Santa and the truth about Jesus every year. Driving her fellow preschoolers and then kindergarteners to tears. In each setting, the teachers told Paige that was okay to believe but to just keep it down. That's been fine by us.

But this year, the teacher supposedly believes in Santa too! What!? Chicken! Hmmmm, whose scared to tick off the parents of kids who believe in ol' St. Nick? She was an awesome teacher in my book until about two weeks ago when Paige came home crying 'cause everyone else, and "even the TEACHER", believed in Santa. Oh boy.

It's led to some good conversations. We've been honest about how hard it is to stand up for what you believe in sometimes. We talked about the fact that the right thing is often not the popular thing... Damn, I thought we could wait till junior high for some of the conversations.

She has for the moment decided to be an undercover unbeliever in Santa. She says she will nod her head if asked if she believes in Santa, but that she really doesn't. I told her that was her choice but that I would hope she would speak the truth no matter what.

Luckily, Matty-Boy is still in our corner. He is pushing for the Santa's-not-"reeoh" campaign. His opinion goes a long way with Paige.

I'll keep you posted as well.

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