January 5, 2008

the big change for 2008

The big change for us in 2008? Brooke and I both resigned from our jobs. We have worked for wonderful companies, both of us. But it's time to take some risks and put our time into the things we believe in. For the most part, our employers have been good to us but our work has been divorced from what we are passionate about, which is primarily this city. So, we are now doing our best to develop a support base, apply for some grants and contract with some organizations that can give us a stipend to do what we do best.

What is it we want to do? Primarily, there are three things: start communities of faith in the city, community organize and educate around issues of justice for the marginalized in our region and promote more sustainability in San Diego.

If you have benefited in any way from reading this blog, following what we have done with Matthew's House and now the Collective, or my sporadic articles and speaking than we would be grateful if you would consider showing your gratitude by investing in our work with the Collective. You can click on the link on the left-hand column and make monthly or annual contributions through PayPal. You can always send checks as well. All are tax deductible.

We are going to start sending out monthly emails from the Collective and quarterly print updates to keep people up to date on what we are doing (sign up on our list if you haven't). We are also going to be holding Info Nights in February and March here at the Hawthorn House to share with people in more detail what we do and will. If you'd like to come just email me. I've also started working on a series of blog posts that will show up on the Collective site discussing our approach to church planting, etc.

Neither of us will be leaving our jobs immediately but it will be soon. Right now, we are trying to determine what support we can count on monthly so we can set a budget. We are willing to be pretty creative about how we work out the finances. If you know of organizations or individuals that would be interested in the kind of grassroots, community-based work we do please email me at jasonevans [at] gmail [dot] com.

We'll keep you posted on how this all unfolds. Let us know if you want to get involved and please be praying for us!

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