January 22, 2008

out-of-office message

I was in Oakland last week for work. I'm up here again for work through Friday. I have a hard time being away from my family over long periods of time. Especially when it involves work. My dad was a "workaholic." My dad missed out on a lot with my brother and I. It has made me very sensitive to the quantity of time I spend with my own family. I feel really guilty when I'm gone.

Brooke has been out of town once a month for school. It's been really good for her. Being very driven people we tend to be bad at making time for nurturing our souls and our relationship. But during these trips I've seen Brooke's spirit renewed even though they are marathon weekends for her. Just to have time to herself, where she can experience the beauty of another city and expand her mind... it's been so cool to watch it fill her up. (By the way, she has already started her own health counseling practice.)

I'm trying to be better about that for myself while up here. Sure, I'm running all over a building all day, trying to manage different crews and homeowners, but I don't have to be so guilt-ridden inside. Instead I need to learn how to use these times to let the Spirit renew me. I've been reading Debra Farrington's, Living Faith Day by Day... it's been helping me think through some of these issues I have with spiritual formation, or the lack thereof. You should pick it up.

Last week, I took the BART out to Berkeley and visited the L and his mom and dad. This week, I'm going to again take advantage of the transportation services of this region (get a drift, San Diego!) and go to Amoeba Music and maybe visit the Shargory's and the L again. Along the way, I'll get some good, quiet journaling and reading time in while riding the train.

I was disappointed by a few conversations last week in regards to fund raising. What we do just doesn't make sense to a lot of people. And I don't feel very confident at explaining it, or interpreting it sometimes. Lots of doubt swept through me. But fortunately, we spent the weekend with our wonderful house mates and the beautiful people listed above. My soul was encouraged. I've re-worked our support letter with their input and we will hopefully send that out by Friday. Brooke and I will have to try and wing that while I am out of town-thank God for technology-with the help of our house mates.

Pray for strength for Brooke as she manages the kids and everything on her own this week while I'm gone. It would make me feel better to know that this week went smoothly for her and the munchkins.

I gotta go find something to eat around here.

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modorney said...

> I gotta go find something to eat around here
Oakland Chinatown

> amoeba Music
Lots of coupons floating around. Check out both stores. Get a muni pass for a week, or so (available at Powell)

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