February 23, 2008

i needed today

Today has been a beautiful day! It rained off and on all this last week. But today the clouds broke away and it was just perfect outside. I love it when you hear San Diegans say things like, "Isn't beautiful today!?" We often take it for granted. I think God is pleased when we express our appreciation and awe of nature.

This morning, I was able to spend some time with Dr. John. John and I were helping our friends prepare to move to Japan. He and I drove to the public storage place and back together. John was an ER surgeon, then a medical missionary in Africa, then a pastor, then a high school teacher and now he is working on his doctorate in theology at Fuller. His wife makes amazing homemade bread! He is a wise humble man and I crave time to just listen to him. I was up really late last night struggling with direction on some things in my life. I've been really anxious about a lot of things. I felt unrooted and John's kind and wise words really helped me find solid ground on a few things. I feel settled.

Mike Angell and I were talking about the need for spiritual direction. For me, it's the spiritual act of submission that I lack in a lot of my relationships. This has always been a hard nut for me. But I'm finding this in a few relationships. Thanks for the input, Mike!

I came home this afternoon to my beautiful wife working on a project on the back porch and the kids romping around the backyard with a friend. I sat down and flipped through my new (but used) copy of Greg Boyd's The Myth of a Christian Nation and just felt... good. The sun was shining on us, my family was contently moving around the house and all seemed right in the world... even if a ghetto bird was noisily disturbing our perfect afternoon.

Tonight, we head over to the Modesto house for dinner. Kevin Modesto is a prof over at PLNU that I'm eagerly getting to know. A pastor at heart with a good strong run at community organizing and a sociologist. They have a whole heap of kids so ours are looking forward to it. So am I.

I needed today.


Helen said...

I liked The Myth of a Christian Nation - I blogged about it here.

Jim Henderson recommended it to me.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's weird to see Rise Against, whom I love, and a reference to Boyd's The Myth of a Christian Nation, which I just purchased, on the same page. You and I must have a great deal in common. Keep enjoying that weather, by the way. We don't have much to enjoy weather wise at the moment out here in Indiana (i.e., grey days and snow).

Jason Evans said...

ac6deut5, let's talk. jasonevans at gmail dot com

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