February 7, 2008

sharing our resources

HT to Dydimustk for this:
"It is immensely important to me that all Etsy workers are paid a good
salary, provided with full benefits (medical, dental, vision) by the
company. Many companies, far too many companies, underpay their
employees, don't make workers employees at all ("permalancers" and
"permatemp" are the new words for this), and provide few if any
benefits. (We also know that many of the sellers on Etsy lack access
to such benefits as health insurance, and we want to work to change

If we can all team up, the way Swimmy did with all his other little
fishes, we can establish our clout and credibility collectively in the
upcoming years so that we can provide access to resources to our own

What would it look like if those of us starting missional communities found a way to work together in order in insure that our families and churches/communities had access to things like health insurance, etc. Here's a question that I'd honestly like to hear your thoughts on:

What do you think that would look like?

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laiglesiahoy said...

Sounds like something I need to ponder on.. But it does sound like a good idea...

Jay Arisso (NJ Hispanic House churches)

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