March 13, 2008

bob rob (medina) - stations of the cross

I just had a brief chat with local artist, Bob Rob (Medina). I've been a fan of Bob's artwork for sometime. I've proudly purchased his shirts and artwork for myself and others in times past. I found Bob's Stations of the Cross series online and was really stoked on it. He incorporates his own reflections on punk rock, being a Latin American, art and being a follower of Jesus throughout each station. I liked it so much, I emailed Bob to let him know. And to my surprise, he responded humbly and quickly! We scheduled to meet up today so I could buy one of the last remaining copies of the book he made of the Stations and an included image of the Ascension. I'm a fan of Day of the Dead artwork (I have this thing with skulls) and this influence exudes in almost all of Bob's stuff. And I just dig it. Well, we just met up at Rebecca's. We talked about faith a little bit and parted ways. A very cool, humble guy. Go support Bob Rob (Medina).

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jasonevans said...

Don't know how to get ahold of him any longer. I know he moved a while back.

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