March 15, 2008

I have had so many meetings in the last month! It's just ridiculous. And not really like me. I can only "meet" for so long. I gotta get stuff done. But these meetings, yes, all of them, except maybe one or two of them held off of Mira Mar road, were important. See, we're in the place where we're trying to determine how to articulate what it is we do ("we" as in the Ecclesia Collective) to a few different "worlds". We're trying to figure out how to talk to Christendom folks, post-Christendom folks and those that have never had much-if any-interaction with the Church. This has been hard for me. I have this thing with saying things more than once, I hate it. And so, this has been a difficult discipline for me.

But it has been good to help us clarify definitions and direction. I feel as though we are getting closer to putting into the truest words what we are and what we hope to do and be. It would not have been possible without the endless help and direction of many of those that orbit around the Collective site, and the Hawthorn House... YOU all are the Ecclesia Collective just as much if not more than Brooke and I.

All that to say, expect some new things soon...

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