March 20, 2008

Last Sunday, Palm Sunday, I was thinking a lot about Jesus' disciples. What were they thinking? How drastic would the next few days be just following Palm Sunday! I just finished reading John 13 and I can almost see the confusion and frustration on their faces. What a roller coaster of a week it must have been!

This morning, I'm also thinking about the last week we have had here in our time and place. Race, a 5-year old war, environment and economics have all been blazoned across headlines. There are a lot of things in front of us that could overwhelm us, paralyze us.

I anticipate the Resurrection we celebrate on Sunday. But I pray it enters into our imaginations. Deeply. I hope that we imagine how to participate in Another Way that can overcome the evils that we face today in this place.

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Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree. May God give us the strength to move forward to see how his resurrection can be implemented in today's world.

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