April 7, 2008

rev magazine podcast

Matt Casper and I just finished an interview with Alan Nelson, author and Executive Director of Rev Magazine and his co-host, Brian Mavis. Brian is the former director of SermonCentral.com and has been a good friend for years and is now on staff at a church in Colorado.

The podcast will not be online right away. I'll let you know when it is online.

A couple things that stood out to me in the interview were that we all seemed to agree that we have to find ways to de-commodify the church and counter the hyper-individualism that our culture seems to breed. That seems quite telling that a guy like me, a guy on staff at a megachurch, a guy who publishes Christian books and magazines (notice the cover of Rev's latest issue?) and an athiest would all agree on these things.

Does your understanding of the Gospel of the Kingdom address these subjects? How?

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