June 9, 2008

what time is it?

I am tired! This last week has been a hairy one! But I wouldn't have exchanged it for the world. Brooke and I had a fabulous time in NYC. We got a chance to hang out with the Radical Living community folks (great kabobs, J!) while there. Brooke and I walked and talked... a lot! We don't get to do a whole lot of that without lots of interruptions. We came home happy to see our kids and then after taking care of some things in San Diego, I hopped back on a plane for Baltimore. Got the chance to hang out with Traver, Don and Neil for a few days and speak at the Baltimore area Greenhouse and then jumped on a plane to come home. Needless to say, my internal clock is just completely screwed up! So, today I'm catching up on email, working on my talk for Saturday and statement to the school board tomorrow, and just generally trying to reorient myself. Kids come home from school soon! Life is good!

BTW - Got a new post on the EC site. Check it.

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daniel so said...

J - Glad you're back in town! It's good to hear that you and Brooke could have some quality time together in NYC as well. Let's hang out soon!

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