July 4, 2008

I won't be celebrating the Fourth of July today. Instead, I am traveling from San Diego to Philadelphia for a meeting with fellow young, Anabaptistic leaders across North America to discuss what we might hope to be and accomplish together. But I also will not be celebrating the Fourth of July because I am not a patriotic person. I know this seems hypocritical to some. But for me, I've come to the point that it seems hypocritical to pledge allegiance to or celebrate the State when I believe being a citizen of Jesus' Kingdom is more primary than the State. Anyways, I'm boarding a plane in a few minutes. So, I'll stop and ask what are your thoughts?


DJ Word said...

for me it is a little more complex... i definitely see myself as less than patriotic. however, I love America in the sense that I love Florida. It is my home. It is where many of my friends live and it is where my people are from.

If I were to leave, or it was to no longer exist, I would miss the place I grew up in. I would miss the place my friends live and I would miss the place with so much of my history.

I think that is different than most forms of patriotism and reminds me of what Father Stanley H once said about good patriotism, which is about land and people and bad patriotism which is about ideals, ideologies, etc.

My loyalties are not torn between God and nation. No more than they are torn between God and place I went to college (I have skipped church for sports).

I celebrate the 4th in the sense I would celebrate the founder's day in Tampa or Florida. it is a time to remember some people doing something pretty big and cool (like an anniversary of distant relatives), but should be nothing more.

You know me. I am so gray.

Jason Evans said...

well stated, rick! thanks.

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