July 3, 2008

Skyping with Claudio Oliver in Brazil

I'm currently skyping with Claudio Oliver in Brazil. Our friend, Jim Henderson connected us to each other. Potentially ironic, I have someone in S. America counseling me on my financial situation here in the North, which is quite... unpredictable at the moment.

It's hard to talk about finances on two different fronts. One, about encouraging all of us to look at economics differently which includes in part living on less. While at the same time, asking people for more just so you can pay your mortgage and put food on the table. What we do is so... fluid. We often help others do things rather than do things we can take credit for, which is what most people are looking for in order to give: something they can count.

This is a confusing, hard and stretching time. But I wouldn't exchange it for the world.

Claudio is doing some really cool grassroots business stuff that is encouraging.

He's already given me 5 books he thinks I need to read!!!

- Toward a History of Needs by Ivan Illich
- Celebration of Awareness by Illich
- The Development Dictionary by Wolfgang Sachs (Editor)
- Small Is Beautiful by E. F. Schumacher

And one more I can't find yet.


Eliacin said...

I haven't connected with Claudio yet, but I'm looking fwrd to it. He is part of La Red del Camino, which is a group you should connect with.

Sam Erwell, an american ex-pat in Brasil is another good contact.
We'll chat when you get here.

Paz y esperanza,

Jason Coker said...

i think you'll find illich rewarding. his "tools for conviviality" is a behind-the-scenes cultural watershed.

peace brother.

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