July 7, 2008

reflecting on phillie

My time in Phillie has been fun and fruitful. I've had the chance to hang out with some really wonderful people. It was great to finally meet some folks whose faces I only new through blogs and that sort. It was also greet new friends that I didn't know where out there such as Brian and Hinke. I also believe some great partnerships are developing and I am excited to see those mature.

Yesterday, I spoke at a little church called, Perkasie Mennonite. What a wonderful group of folks. They have carried the Anabaptist tradition for a long time. I admire that. After that, Steve and I had lunch with a couple of the members and then headed into the city. Steve had a meeting to go to. So, I just wandered around neighborhoods on my own for quite awhile. I love doing this in a city. It was hot and muggy. I was getting sweaty. But it was still pretty cool. Below is some of the street art I found. Joel and Jess called and said they were on their way to pick me up. We decided to go to a Circle of Hope meeting that night. As I started to walk towards an intersection to meet them at it started to rain. And I mean, it poured! By the time my friends showed up, I was drenched! The kind of drenched when you see water coming out of your shoes when you squeeze your toes together. Didn't help that I had my Chuck's on. They picked me up, with Eliacin and Mark along for the ride and we eventually found Circle of Hope in Kensington... I like their thrift store. Afterwards, we met up with Steve and headed out to a pub for some brew and food. Productive conversation ensued. On our way back to Spiritual Center we've been staying at, Steve and Joel and I stopped for coffee and talked more.

I was struck by something as we sat there drinking coffee late at night...

What God is up to is so much bigger than any of our definitions. We seem to scramble for definitions and categories. But as we talked I found myself beginning to lose track of the variety of good things I was hearing about from around the globe. It was too much for me to be able to bring back to immediate recall... just from one weekend of conversation and storytelling...

The global Body's prophetic instinct is kicking in.

Hope is on the move.

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