September 24, 2008

Border visits no longer will be day at beach | The San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego Union-Tribune article by Leslie Berenstein:
"It was like any seaside picnic, with family members sitting on folding chairs, colorful umbrellas and a cooler full of sodas. The only unusual thing was the steel mesh fence running through the middle of it.

On a recent Sunday, the Sotomayor family of Riverside rose early, packed a lunch and drove south to Border Field State Park, where the fence that separates the United States from Mexico meets the ocean.

As many Mexican-American families have done for years, they were there to spend the day with relatives unable to legally cross north to hug them and must be content to visit at the see-through fence.

This binational social scene, as it exists now, is unique along the southern border of the United States. Soon, it will be a memory." >> more

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