October 11, 2008

peace links

One of our assignments in Stassen's Biblical and Practical Peacemaking course has been to start developing a database of grassroots and church-based peacemaking websites. What I have added, I've kept specific to San Diego. Here's what I have added thus far:

San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice
The San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice coordinates a variety of protests, vigils and educational opportunities. They are helpful in connecting with other peace-oriented groups throughout San Diego. My concern is that they tend to be quite partisan politically and more anti-war than pro-peace.

Peace Resource Center of San Diego
The Peace Resource Center is located on the same campus as the local Quaker, Brethren and Mennonite congregations. They have become wonderful hosts of a variety of educational experiences, a community garden and of course faith communities. If other peacemaking groups were getting started they would benefit from networking with the people of the Resource Center and the Center would most likely be willing to host meetings for the group.

Invest-In Project
The Invest-In Project was started by San Diego teachers union leader, Eric Olson Fernandez in order to provide education opportunities about non-violence and peacemaking principles and tactics. The Project focuses on the stories and principles used by Gandhi, King and Chavez. Invest-In would be a great educational partner in starting a new peacemaking group.

Institute for Peace and Justice
The Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice is not a church-based or grassroots organization but provides a variety of free workshops and seminars in regards to peacemaking. Two other such education institutions that provide helpful peace and justice resources are San Diego City College's Certificate in Peace Studies and Point Loma Nazarene University's Center for Justice and Reconciliation.

Peace and Democracy Action Group
First Universalist Church's Peace and Democracy Action Group provides the rest of their congregation with news that relates democracy and peace so that they may be not only informed but able to act on their convictions.

Peace and Justice Committee
The Peace and Justice Committee at St. Paul’s Cathedral has similarities to the group at First Unitarian Universalist but has been more active politically and in developing their own efforts.

Activist San Diego
While their site does not speak specifically to peacemaking efforts, the Activist San Diego community has been a strong grassroots peacemaking organization in San Diego for some time. As their name makes clear, they are activists that are often present at protests, vigils, etc. but they are also active in providing and promoting educational opportunities on media awareness, policy, nonviolence, urban gardening, bike repair and more.

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