January 28, 2009

a personal update...

So much has been going on, I don't really no where to start. But here's a few bits...
  • My son turned 5 on Monday! Yeah!
  • Matt Casper and I have started playing music together again!
  • I am not taking classes at Fuller this semester. Bummer but can't afford it.
  • I've applied for a bunch of jobs since I am clearly a terrible fund raiser and I think I may have landed a new job. Miracle!
  • Brooke has also probably landed a new job. Yes, we're both potentially going back to "real" jobs.
  • Our gathering on Sunday was beautiful. I am truly amazed at the leadership and ability springing up around us!
  • A bunch of us met with Alan Roxburgh tonight, scheming up some 'underground seminary/peoples' school'-ish ideas. Cool!
  • The EC site has been down. Sorry for that. We're working on things.

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