February 13, 2009

beer bread

Yes, another food post!

A few days ago, Matt and Brad made another couple batches of home brew. One thing we have come to realize in making our own beer is that we are left with an immense amount of spent grain afterwards. We tried to get creative about this and leave as little waisted grain as possible. We still end up throwing some in our compost bin. But with the spent grain we've made veggie burgers, cookies, granola... and bread! Rick, one of our community members, makes a loaf of bread or two for every meal we share. Lately, he's been making a lot of spent grain bread. We supply him with a batch every time we make beer. And he then brings over some tasty bread to our next community meal. Brooke and I decided to give it a shot ourselves, adding some brown sugar and honey to compensate for the grainy-taste from our imperial stout batch Matt just concocted. It turned out really yummy. Come over and I'll heat up some, slap on a little butter and you'll love it.

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BS said...

Matt and I had your bread hot and fresh from the oven and it was incredibly scrumptious.

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