February 5, 2009

far... dissapoints

An unknown band to many, Far has always been a favorite of mine. My wife and I love singing along to their songs. I saw them open for Deftones at Soma ages ago and was really impressed. In fact, I thought their show was better than Deftones. I saw them a few years later, right before Water and Solutions came out. Smaller stage, smaller audience but an un-freakin'-believable performance. Honestly, one of the best shows I've ever seen. At one point, Jonah walks his mic stand into the middle of the room and walks back to the stage and we all just sing our hearts out together... beautiful. Needless to say, to see photos of Far reunited and playing again was exhilarating to me. I was thoroughly excited when So told me we were going up to the OC to see them... and then I found their most recent recording. A cover of some song I hadn't heard.

I can't explain how absolutely shitty the song is. And who is Ginuwine!? Wait, I don't care.

I am depressed.

If that's all you got, boys, quit while you're still ahead. We can live on the nostalgia... don't go and ruin it.


daniel so said...

J -- I feel responsible for your depression. I'm very sorry! If it makes you feel any better, I have no idea who Ginuwine is either. If we make it up to the OC show, maybe we should tell Jonah to stick with Jawbox and Jackson 5 covers :)

Jason Evans said...

That's right. You are responsible for my depression. But I forgive you. ;) And you are right. Jawbox and Jackson 5 over this trash any day.

Unknown said...

If only they were more like "A southern Baptist Disaster". Those old guys still have it!

Jason Evans said...

you know them?! a southern baptist disaster is an anomaly... so many bands wouldn't even exist without their influence. don't you agree?

Unknown said...


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