February 20, 2009

cavanaugh, music, etc.

I just finished reading William Cavanaugh's Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire. In this book, Cavanaugh discusses the place of the Church within "free market" economies. Pulling from Scripture as well as St. Augustine and others, he challenges the Christian to discern what responsible economic practices would be today. He further challenges the reader to be informed by our Christian tradition just as much if not more than the current marketplace. During these rough economic times, it was a timely read. And I highly recommend the book. Cavanaugh is clearly an academic writer and unashamedly Roman Catholic. This may make him unapproachable for some. But I would encourage people to give this book a shot. It is short and worth the thought provoking concepts.

I have often thought recently that the news and media today are quite... hopeless (ironic?). We are confronted constantly with how bad things are getting financially. To simply talk about cutting back, living with less, or espousing philisophical and theological alternative economic ideas isn't enough. We need tangible, practical ideas to spark imagination. Cavanaugh doesn't do enough of that in this book, but it's better than most that I've read whom I agree with conceptually but am frustrated with the little assistance they provide for imagining creative, practical application.

I had started reading Torture and Eucharist a while ago but after enjoying this book so much I have picked it back up.  With my commitments to nonviolence, I'm also looking forward to his forthcoming book, The Myth of Religous Violence.

I've updated my music and books sections on the right. Yes, I do tend to have that many books next to my bed side at any time. Just ask Brooke. And while the music list isn't encompassing, it does highlight some of the stuff I'm currently listening to in heavy rotation.

Other Stuff
M. Iafrate has started some great stuff on "'ecclesiology/ies' of DIY punk rock" over at catholicanarchy.org. Check it out. (Dude's got some good tunes too.)

Speaking of bands with banjos, check out Dark Dark Dark. Nice. They are also working on what looks to be an interesting film project with the visual artist Swoon–whose art I really dig.

And my other musical find I'm digging is Blood Red Shoes. A little Pretty Girls Make Graves with a little English refinement (another way to say more mainstream, but still good stuff).

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