February 14, 2009


Today's my birthday, so I figure I can post whatever the heck I want, even if most people I know may not appreciate it.

Yep, I'm 34.

And, yes, I was born on Valentine's Day.

No, it falls on the same date every year.

Anyways, below is the video for a band I am totally amazed by: iwrestledabearonce. That is correct, their name is, "I Wrestled A Bear Once." For starters, that's a great name. Second, the blast beats in this video are just unhuman. I am amazed. Tim will be about the only person that reads this that will appreciate that. Third, the girl who fronts this band is incredible. She can sing, has a great hardcore scream and can growl like a grindcore god. Lastly, their funny! A metal band that doesn't take themselves too seriously, and has a song called, "Tastes like Kevin Bacon" has got my vote. Enjoy... or be afraid, whatever suits you best.


BS said...


J, I think you should add some gravity blast beats to your repertoire if you haven't already ;)


Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Jason!
I hope it was memorable and full of love.

Take care,

brooke said...

Happy day! I enjoyed celebrating your birth with you. Fun times.

Mike Morrell said...

This is so freakin' cool. And happy 34th!

Jason Evans said...

Brad, did you just make up that phrase?! That was awesome.

Em! So good to "hear" from you. Hope you are well.

Yes, it was fun... up until... ;)

Mike, I am stoked to see you have as impeccable musical tastes as I. Something Steve Lewis and Rick Bennett only wish to acquire some day. :o

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