February 25, 2009

Nonviolence: The History of A Dangerous Idea

As I waited for our '03 Honda Civic to get serviced today, I finished reading, Nonviolence: The History of A Dangerous Idea by Mark Kurlansky. And, I must say that this is a great read! I love reading history, so maybe it's just me, but I really enjoyed this book. Kurlansky is accessible and does a good job of representing the history of nonviolence throughout history. The book is fairly short, so he does not go into too much detail but enough to entice the imagination of those that dream of a way of life without violence. I would recommend this to just about anyone simply because the side of history of told here is often not heard. This book is actually a history of violence rather than nonviolence. Kurlansky tells the other side of that history; of those that were opposed to and withstood violence throughout recorded time. But the violence seems ever present unfortunately. But those I would recommend this to the most would be my fellow Christians. A decent amount of ink is used on telling another side of the history of the Church. It is inspiring and frustrating. But it ultimately gave me hope that those of us that follow Jesus today yet don't agree with the Christendom machine are not alone. Pick it up.

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brooke said...

I would definitely like to borrow this after I graduate.

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