February 5, 2009

Oscar Romero quote

One month before his assassination on March 24, 1980:

"I am a shepherd who, with his people, has begun to learn a beautiful and difficult truth: our Christian faith requires that we submerge ourselves in this world. The world that the church must serve is the world of the poor, and the poor are the ones who decide what it means for the church to really live in the world. It is the poor who force us to understand what is really taking place. The persecution of the church is a result of defending the poor. Our persecution is nothing more nor less than sharing in the destiny of the poor."



brooke said...

"The persecution of the church is a result of defending the poor."

Hmmmm... I am not sure what to think about this. You?

Jason Evans said...

Well, if you're looking at it from your own context and not within the one that Romero was speaking from it may not seem true to you. But in Romero's situation in El Salvador it was a reality. When church leaders such as Romero stood up for the rights of the poor-the indigenous people of the country-violence was brought against leaders and lay people. Ultimately, Romero was killed for his position.

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