February 13, 2009

solar cooking

Yesterday's paper had an article on solar cooking... and I am hooked! There's a local Solar Cooking Club who's website led me to information on building a solar oven. This list of benefits got me stoked on trying this out! Andy and I are planning on building one (or two) as soon as possible and trying it out. I'm pretty certain I can build one that is pretty durable (not out of cardboard) and with materials I already have.

I looked at the market for these and they aren't cheap or portable enough it seems. Friends of ours that have been homeless have talked about how when living off of foodstamps and w/o a kitchen how hard it is to eat healthy. Solar cooking seems like it could be a great idea for displaced people and someone should be able to find a way to make this more affordable and easier to move around. There are versions of solar ovens being used in refugee camps, but from what I could tell, they don't look very durable. But, I'm still learning. That's just my opinion so far.

Anyways, this is a perfect idea for a place like San Diego. Not only will we be able to build the oven for free, it will be fueled by free sunlight as well. I love it! Energy efficient, budget friendly, portable, and ecologically sound. Can't beat that! I will keep you posted on our project.

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