March 24, 2009

art with the kids

We are a creative bunch in our household. It seems as though someone is always creating something. The best is when we get a chance to make things together. I thought I'd share a few things we've come up with recently.

"untitled abstract" by Paige Evans
"untitled abstract" by Paige
Paige and I started taking a parent and child art class at San Diego Art Department a few weeks ago. It's been a lot of fun to spend a couple hours a week just sitting down and painting together. Last week we worked on abstracts. This is what Paige worked on. I love it!

"Family" by Paige, Matt and Jason Evans
"Family" by Paige, Matt and me
The other day, the kids and I somehow got to talking about plans for our Dia de los Muertos party this year. Matt asked why we celebrate it and we talked about how it's a chance to remember and celebrate the lives of those we love whom have passed away. From there we started to talk about the meaning of family, that it goes deep into the past but isn't limited to those we are related to by blood. That those in our "kingdom family" are just as precious to us. We decided to try and paint something that represented these ideas to us but together. This is what we came up with.

"untitled" by Jason Evans
"untitled" by me
Lastly, this is a piece I worked on as my abstract in the art class Paige and I have been taking. We looked at a few of Kandinsky's pieces in the class. I tried to combine a little of that but had also recently been looking at Rick Froberg's stuff (of Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes and now Obits)... Not that I think I'm anything close but I gotta give prop's to what inspired me.


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I love them all!

joel said...

so why don't you marry them!

i like them, too.

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