March 23, 2009

The Beatles

I'll be honest. I do try to influence my kids musical taste. I still remember taking Paige to Lou's Records to trade in a series of lullaby CD's we had received for music she could pick out. We spent an hour picking out CD's by putting the headphones on her and usually picking those she danced most for. The girl at the counter looked at me disparagingly, "Trading in your kids music for yourself?" "Honestly, these are for her!" She'll still tell you that she loves Tegan and Sara and Red Five, which were in that stack. But what I've never had to try with is The Beatles. The kids have instantly taken to their music from a young age. They're timeless! Both our kids love them. And they really enjoyed Yellow Submarine, which we watched a while ago.

Every time we listen to them, which is quite frequent, I still find myself amazed at how good their music remains after all these years.

Paige's favorite song by The Beatles is "Octopus's Garden." Matty's is "Come Together." Brooke's is "Blackbird." Mine is "Helter Skelter."

What's your all time favorite song by The Beatles?


Unknown said...

All time favorite is hard, I really like "don't let me down," the songs at the end of abbey road that all bleed together, and "happiness is a warm gun/bunglaow bill" on the white album.

I hear ya on trying to influence your kids musically M.Ward, Elvis Perkins and Radiohead are constantly being played on our record player. But I should start playing more beatles (and Dylan) those are the foundations of my musical DNA.

Jason Evans said...

Hey Wess,
Thanks for stopping by. Haven't got into Ward or Perkins but we certainly are a Radiohead family. Late night drives are often filled with Kid A or Insomniac. While I agree that there are some Beatles songs that I'm not that fond of, it's still pretty amazing that on, say the white album for example, there are SO many good songs. And to think, it was all pulled off mostly over a five year period! What an amazing evolution of music!


DJ Word said...

one of the earliest important songs to my kids' musical education is "Get Back" by the Beatles. Of course it was "Jo Jo" to them.

It was instantaneous and stayed in rotation for along while. In fact, I woke them up during the SB a few years ago when McCartney was on, since he played it.

The beatles, david bowie and the beach boys (Pet Sounds era) are important part of our family's musical language.

Other favorites are the Clash, Green Day (censored) and anything else punky for our son (it starts young). Our daughter favors bands like Feist, Coldplay (which is okay if you are 7), Regina Spektor (the family's #1 album of all time), Beck, Robbie Seay (gotta get a little Jesus I guess), ben Folds and the New Pornographers.

Our kids can live with or without Radiohead so far. But, world flavored bands like Gogol bordello, Devotchka, Firewater and Beirut are popular.

Our kids keep asking to hear Miley Cyrus, The Jonas brothers and such. So far we have won the battle. However, my wife is considering allowing our daughter to hear taylor swift. I have not yet said yes.

As for my favorites by the beatles:

1. the last half of Abbey Road (see above commentor)
2. Something
3. Eleanor Rigby
4. The Two of Us
5. Here Comes the Sun
6. You've got to Hide Your Love Away
7. Help
8. Come Together
9. A Day in the Life
10. We Can Work it Out

but that is today. It will be radically different tomorrow.

+ Alan said...

I've definitely been one to influence my kids' musical tastes as well. It has worked, to an extent. :) My youngest, McKenzie, is a big Beatles fan too. Hmm, my favorite - that's hard - I'd have to say two: Eleanor Rigby and Blackbird - both on the melancholy side but that's my deal I guess, good stuff.

brooke said...

Favorite is a bit hard, but one of my favorites is "Hey Jude." I also like "All You Need is Love," because really, it is all you need.

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