March 12, 2009

what do you do with old jeans?

Brooke has often told me over the almost two decades of being togegther, "You can't go through life wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of jeans." Yep, I like wearing jeans. And I've done my best to prove my wife wrong... although it didn't work out totally.

But it's simple. I don't have to worry about matching. And they're durable–I can be rough on clothes. I've learned how to make them last a long time (ie. don't wash them too often, etc.). But I've a got a couple pairs that are starting to wear out in the knees. But I'm cheap. I don't want to buy another pair if I don't have to. It just kills me to think about getting rid of them when they still could have some life in them if it weren't for the damn knees. So, I need your ideas on a) creative ways to recycle old worn out jeans (it's not like I can donate them to someone when they're in this bad of shape... and re-using them in some way would make me feel a little better about tossing in the towel) or b) tips on repairing blown out knees on jeans. I would appreciate your help... and Brooke will too. :)


Molly Vetter said...

Here's what I did with a pair of my husband's work jeans: I made an apron. Two, really. You can read all about it. :)

I have to just cut 'em up and make something or he doesn't get rid of his. If you want his ideas of patching, though, he believes duct tape makes a fine patch. It even survives washing.

joel said...

i'm feeling ya on this one...especially jean shorts!!! yeehaw!

however, once i started riding my bike to work, my jeans started to wear out in the crouch region. awesome. so needless to say, i waited maybe a tad bit too long before i decided to take action. i thought my boxers would provide an extra barrier from the families treasures, but i was wrong. unfortunately katie had to inform me, at a friends house no less, that until we got home i was to no longer sit down and if i felt the need to sit down, i must, absolutely must, sit with my legs crossed because my guys had 'broken' through the boxer barrier and were now infringing on everyone's good times.

okay, my bad. i feel the same way you do...just because the city of Ballsacka likes to make an appearance every now and again doesn't mean my jeans needed to be thrown out! right. am i right!?

anyhow, i recently put patches on them and they look great. well, they look good anyway...but i still think the patches now draw more attention to the nether region. oh well.

like the new format.

Jason Evans said...

Joel, has anyone ever explained the phrase, "TMI" to you? Ask Katie to help you out with that!

Molly, thanks for the tips although I don't know if Brooke would let me get away with duct tape... although I am a big fan of the wonders of duct tape. At one point, I think it held my whole drum kit together.

ben wideman said...

my grandma made me a sweet quilt out of my old jeans when I was in high school. track down a quilting mennonite!

Jason Evans said...

Nice idea, Ben! I don't have those genes though... get it?! Bad joke. Sorry.

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